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There is an epidemic of skin cancer in the world, and South Africa is no exception. Although the most dangerous skin cancer is malignant melanoma, the most common ones are known as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, collectively known as non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). 

The gold standard surgical method worldwide for the most effective removal of skin cancer is a technique called Mohs Surgery (“Mohs” refers to the surname of the doctor who first practiced it).

What is critical about skin cancer is that you must get rid of it completely,

so that it can’t recur

Mohs Excision Of Tumour

Histological examination of 100% complete tumour margin with same day frozen sections.

Repair of the defect

Mohs surgery is the ideal skin cancer surgery, because the specialist performing the Mohs surgery, removes as little healthy tissue as possible while minimising the risk of the cancer recurring. Mohs surgery is cost effective because the excisions are performed under a local anaesthetic in a procedure room.



Outcomes of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

BACKGROUND The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) International Traveling Mentorship Program
(ITMP) has initiated an International Mohs Fellowship Recognition Program, with 3 centers accredited to date.
OBJECTIVE To describe and compare the outcomes of Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) at the three units.
METHODS From patient files, we extracted demographic information, as well as tumor type, location of
tumor, tumor histology, stages of MMS, and outcomes.

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Op 5 Junie 2018 het julle my vrou opereer en ‘n velprobleem op haar gesig herstel. Hiermee wil ek julle opreg bedank vir die mooi manier …

My contact and eventual treatment for skin cancer by Mohs surgery need to be told and made know to a greater audience than Dr Pieter du Plessis’s …

Dr P du Plessis en Dr J de Wet

Op 5 Junie 2018 het julle my vrou opereer en ʼn velprobleem op haar gesig herstel.

Hiermee wil ek julle opreg bedank vir die mooi manier waarop julle opgetree het. Dit was ʼn voorreg om daar te wees en baie dankie vir julle tegemoetkoming met die rekening.

Julle was werklik menslik en ek wil julle daarvoor eer.

Nogmaals dankie

Dr P du Plessis en Dr J de Wet

During my consultation with Dr Pieter du Plessis I realised that I was a patient who urgently needs therapy. As he proceeded explaining the Mohs procedure with the high success rate it offers as a positive prognosis, ….. I realised and discovered that I am privileged to become part and parcel of a global enterprise of successful oncological healing of skin cancer specifically.

I am myself grateful to Dr Pieter du Plessis and the team of his College for his treatment and repair of my skin.


May God bless all of you for all the care and input in getting me to this point there is only gratitude and thanks to all and the Lord for putting the right people in my life.

Michelle Oberholzer

Goeie dag Ilze en span dokters/personeel

Baie baie dankie vir die wonderlike diens en aandag wat ek ontvang het op die 9 Julie daar by julle pragtige netjiese hospitaal.

Die vriendelike ontvangs van die ontvangs personeel daar onder waar alles begin,

Die vriendelike suster wat my op geneem het,en my gemaklik gemaak het,en ook dankie vir suster Annecke vir die Covid kielie in my neus,

Ilze dankie vir jou proffesionele aandag en terugvoer aangaande die hele proses.(tot en met op die teater bed)

Baie dankie vir julle goeie werk in die teater Dr de Wet/Dr du Plessis /Ilze

Ek is trots op julle en bou so voort

Al wat ek kan sê: “so moet n span saam werk”

Nogmaals baie baie dankie ek is ‘n ander mens

Dankbaar – Lourens van Rensburg

This clinic and all it’s staff is top notch. Dr Pieter takes a personal interest in every patient. Dr Johan De Wet did the best surgical work assisted by both Saskia and Dr Pieter du Plessis. You are treated with dignity and respect and are kept informed every step of the way. Thank you so much to all for making this process both a pleasure and life changing. Sincerest Regards,

Ek wil graag vir u die geskenkie gee as ‘n blywende herhindering aan die vrou wat u met oop arms ontvang het en gehelp het.  My letsel sal ek met eerbied dra want u het my kanker vry gemaak.

Ek is u ewig dankbaar.

Hats off to Club Surgical Centre